Shipping Terms Glossary. Free Of Capture And Seizure (F.C. Here’s an explanation of what each term means. On this page you can find a very detailed, hand-made list of chartering abbreviations and shipping terms, as well as their meanings and definitions in an alphabetical order. Shipping Terms and Shipping Abbreviations The International shipping and marine transport industry is full of unique shipping terms and shipping abbreviations. D terms require trust because the seller is bearing all of the transport costs. Shipping Terms Approved Vendor List (AVL) Approved Vendors List (AVL), also known as Approved Supplier List (ASL) in some circles, is a list of the suppliers approved for doing business. Incoterms 2020 defines 11 rules, the same number as defined by Incoterms 2010. Ignoring the shipping terms only invites confusion at best and legal trouble at worst. Individual departments may agree to alternate shipping terms with vendors if necessary, but it is not possible to reflect alternate terms on a purchase order. MSC is a world leader in global container shipping, dedicated to providing efficient transport solutions. Return to top. Glossary Of International Shipping Terms A8A Manifest A form issued by a licensed Custom’s Broker which allows CCRA to monitor in bond shipments as they move through Canada. This a detailed list that describes all items in a shipment, letting each party know how the goods should be handled. This is a partial glossary of nautical terms; some remain current, while many date from the 17th to 19th centuries.See also Wiktionary's nautical terms, Category:Nautical terms, and Nautical metaphors in English.See the Further reading section for additional words and references. It can also serve as a bill of lading and is also used to give the details of the shipment. The consignee is the person that’s paying for the freight service. That leaves the four C terms as the best options to use with a letter of credit. Cubic Foot - 1 Cubic Foot = 1728 Cubic Inches. Searchable database containing common marine acronyms, abbreviations, and dictionary about all subjects, with a focus on technical, chartering, boating, seawords telecommunications. N . An Overview of Incoterms® 2020 An application that expedites the clearance of … Shipper. Back to top. A glossary of common freight shipping and cargo transportation terms, including lingo used in the 3PL brokerage and trucking industry. For additional assistance, please contact Procurement and Payment Services. Common Shipping Terms and Abbreviations Copyright School of Shipping 2002 Page 2 Abbreviations A&CP :- Anchors and Chains Proved aa :- Always Afloat Transport expenses are thus the responsibility of the exporter. List of Incoterms (international commercial terms) - CFR – Cost and Freight - the exporter must deliver the goods at the port of destination selected by the importer. & S.) - An insurance clause providing that loss is not insured if due to capture, seizure, confiscation and like actions, whether legal or not, or from such acts as piracy, civil war, rebellion and civil strife. no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. A common accessorial surcharge. We try not to use it when talking to you, but sometimes we slip up! Individual Incoterms Incoterms. Even when they are not stipulated or mentioned, both parties have expectations about the shipping. The following terms can be encountered in times of chartering, booking cargoes, receiving shipping notes, etc. Ship Owners & Shipping; Other Categories; Yachts & Boats; World News; Profiles. List Shipping Terms now is available at, buy now with and get a great discount, choose our fast delivery option and you will receive it in 7 … Media Partners; Companies Profiles; Google Search; Press Releases; Last in Directory; Terms Dictionary. If the bill is prepaid, the shipper pays the shipping charges. If you aren’t familiar with the transportation industry, acronyms and industry jargon might make it difficult to find the services you need. OTHER TERMS. Cross Docking - The process of moving merchandise directly from the receiving dock to the shipping dock, eliminating the need to place the merchandise in storage. Common Shipping Terms Abbreviation for International Trade Shipment Terms and Conditions: We have to face so many shipping terms and abbreviations during shipping or shipment (LCL sea shipment or air shipment) the products to the foreign buyers.In some cases, these terms are known and in most of the cases, it’s unknown to us. Below are some of the most common freight-shipping terms and abbreviations, along with descriptions of how each one fits into the larger context of the freight shipping industry. Process, Trading terms. Incoterms, a widely-used terms of sale, are a set of 11 internationally recognized rules which define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers. Document signed by the shipper which binds shipper to credit terms of the conference or agreement body. The Shipping packing list template is a unique template that can be used when shipping goods. UPS and FedEx have 3 different categories based upon Packaging, Dimensions or Weight. Here is our how-to guide to the most common trading terms in shipping. M. Manifest A list of the various shipments being carried on a ship or aircraft.