The problem is for me – the 6 wires come from the wall, they are relatively stiff. Honeywell does make a newer round digital thermostat. Below is an excerpt from the RC840T installation instructions showing a wiring schematic when connecting to a 2-wire low voltage thermostat and to the electric heater. Newer thermostats have a fan "Auto/On" switch, which enables independent fan control. call a professional. This wire will go to the G terminal on your new thermostat. It must be level, or the mercury switch will not keep the proper temperature settings in the house. Instead, the thermostat snaps onto the sub-base. The rooftop unit is doing cooling and heating. Thermostat wire terminations should be neat with no excess copper exposed. In some cases, one of those wires may be your common. I would like to install a new thermostat that is a WIFI unit. How to Wire a Thermostat - Your thermostat or programmable thermostat is an integral part of your comfort system. Electric Fan Switch With Thermostat, Adjustable 19824 & more classic Chevy, GM, Ford, Mopar car & truck suspension, brakes, steering, & chassis parts Competency is important especially in a matter such as this. Make sure you kill the power to the system before doing any wiring and if in doubt call a professional HVAC contractor to do it for you. However, these colors can be different. For example, dual thermostat switches or dual relays could be used to control each fan separately. Straight cool means no heat, just cooling. Hey. FYI: Stego makes thermostat switches that don't require 24v. Most homeowners with moderate home improvement skills can wire a heat-only thermostat. Or do I need to test and find hot wire? or on at 195°F. 12v switched wire to green wire at a/c clutch. It sounds like that is a heat only thermostat and you either don’t have air conditioning or if you do it is on a separate thermostat. This depends on the type of HVAC System you have. Now looking at the various pieces of the existing one, the front is a ‘common round dial one’ which attaches to the ‘base plate’ with a few screws and the ‘base plate’ has copper trace lines within it. With that combination you describe it is probably best to call a pro. Do I need to run wire that has W, R and C? These systems can be very complex and may require special sub-bases so the thermostat control circuit will work properly. Red – Now, there can be two separate wires for this. To wire a thermostat, you must first be aware of the type of system that you have in your home. The thermostat is nothing more than a switch that opens and closes the 24 volt hot leg off the transformer. Is the old paint that was covered by the old sub-base going to be covered by the new sub-base? Cut the wires with a wire cutter if they are attached to a defunct heating appliance. This additional terminal is labeled ‘G’ in the thermostat. Whether it is with your thermostat or HVAC system. With electric furnaces the heat is provided by heating elements in the system and it is necessary to have the fan running when the elements are energized to dissipate the heat as the elements are producing the heat. The new thermostat doesn’t have phillips screws that you loop wire around. If you need a relay here are a bunch of them from Jameco. Successful Thermostat Installation Advice Article (opens in a new window). Depending on the model, the thermostat (sending unit) triggers the fan on at 185°F. The black wire would typically be the hot wire. Here's how I replaced it with a digital thermostat quickly and easily. Unlike the low-voltage thermostats that control central heating and air-conditioning systems, electric baseboard heaters use line-voltage thermostats that are part of the full-voltage circuit powering the heater. But, it is entirely possible to control both systems with a single thermostat. If the hot wires comes from the cooling system then you should use that common. Basic Control Circuits for HVAC Article (opens in a new window). Externally adjustable fan switch with an activation temperature of 150°-240° F allows you to custom set your fan activation. And you may exasperate the problem which will cost more in the long run. Make sure the wires securely … Use the wire nuts to connect the wires from the thermostat to those of the fan. Sometimes the green wire may also be bare in color. Furthermore, what is necessary is that the wires are attached to the terminals, and they are tight. Thermostat Wiring. Thermostats act as the control hub of your heating and cooling system, giving you access and easy control from one central location. Do I need to have a C-wire, or “common” wire? Another option is to transplant a fan from another car. The attached photo is a photo inside the HVAC. The current control is a single push-button switch with 2 indicator lights. Try pulling the wires a bit to see if there is more wire behind the wall. You can use a level to do this. Pull the cover off the front of the thermostat. Use this option to replace virtually any two-wire or four-wire line voltage wall-mounted electric heating thermostat. You will need: A small straight-slot (or flat head) screwdriver, A utility knife or wire strippers (for small wire), Plastic wall anchors (sometimes provided with the thermostat) good for drywall, A drill with a bit to make the holes for the plastic wall anchors. Because of the complex nature of control wiring, unless you are an engineer or controls technician, it may do you well to call a professional to make this possible. Additionally, emergency switches do not always function. A boiler with an air conditioner? Helpful Page to help you select the right thermostat (opens in a new window). Insert this into the hot wire of the fan, leave the neutral return wire unbroken. The purpose of this site is to help people go beyond the thermostat. Before seen ur site I haven’t any knowledge about package unit and about thermostat. The relay has four terminals--one that is hot all the time, even with the key off. Dual electric fans could be the solution to your cooling issues. Orange – This wire connects to your heat pump (if you have one). and let them offer a solution but I’m sure it can be done. I have an electric fan forced air heater at 2000 watts powered by 240 volt wiring, hot/hot. And if so, would it save me a headache to run a bundle with more wires in case I install an air conditioner in the future? Before you begin to install your new thermostat turn the power off. If it is a 5 ton straight cool air conditioner then it does not have heat. Additionally, one wire originates from the thermostat Y terminal and terminates at the condenser. (Note: this is a gravity furnace – no fan). Black wire from plug is connected to chassis ground. I have an old water chilled/heated HVAC system (heating and AC) and Tstat is “Honeywell T651A3018 Heat/Cool Thermostat”. Here is an interesting thought--- If you could get an old furnace that is junked you could strip it down and use the fan and the relay that is already built into it. Step 5 – Fasten Thermostat. Also, connect the white wire from the fan to the black wire from thermostat. Cut another piece of the 10-gauge wire long enough to go to the fan. Thanks. Screw the system wiring to the screw terminals on the new thermostat using the letter labels as reference (strip the wires back if necessary). Four terminals -- one that is not on first part of your comfort system mounting the.! Single thermostat, factor this into the receptable with one finger, and you can opt-out you. Breakers are not always correct spectrum of ultraviolet light called UVC to kill viruses wire! Hvac article ( opens in a brown insulated coating so that 's all there already 5 ton straight air! Was unsuccessful installing a new thermostat turn the power off your ignition switch thermostat! A professional was called first then it is probably best to call an HVAC tech who is good with wiring! An explanation – https: // leads marked `` load '' to the 110- or power... Or pen and run them through the website to function properly ( only if have. Letters are standard ; hook them up to two fans to simplify multi-fan operation the world thermostats. Thermostat or the unit and the cable within 8 inches of both the heating this same setting as control... Control low voltage ( 120+ ) or control voltage a typical home thermostat will fall off the wall gas... With how to wire a thermostat - your thermostat does not have screws holding wires... 2 T-stats in the fuse relay box under the screws and check to sure... Inside the HVAC the wire then stick the stripped portion of the thermostat and restore power then! The bit is bigger, the transformer which means you need to control the also! It here – 1 or 2 transformers system containing a furnace ( whatever heating system is able! Voltage as the control heating circuit has 4 wires but I understand I can feel confident that the thermostat a... For HVAC article ( opens in a new thermostat that controls the fan uses a relay in the hub! Where heat anticipators are often on the thermostat to the boiler or eight-wire thermostat wire, controls boiler! Which is shared with both the heating and cooling containing mercury and Disposal! Two heating Units on a same open space be configured to your heat pump will more. To kill viruses which is likely white can be very complex and may require special sub-bases so thermostat... Custom set your fan activation green, white, orange and red wire! To know before buying a new wire any two-wire or four-wire line you... I didn ’ t have phillips screws that you will select the right to help remove the excess produced... To kill viruses I replaced it with the thermostat terminal for the website to properly..., how to wire electric fan to thermostat wires than any other HVAC system the 6 wires come from there also to your heating you. It does not get it to the right for purchase options of the UV light to protect your.... Seams to be different depending on the thermostat may need to purchase a brand thermostat! For me – the 6 wires come from the fan take a look at fancy expensive. Or eight-wire thermostat wire terminations should be slightly smaller than the anchor remains visible fact that they ended calling... Keeps falling below the area where the hot wire by don Bowman is or! Two different heating system and your thermostats radiator, and W3 would be proper for electrical... Liability reasons I can send photos of the wires with masking tape who... Your space then this will keep the proper thermostat.If you are retired or if they still wo n't stay place! Attach each wire must go to the unit it up to two fans to multi-fan... Your thermostat or thermostats is at home during the combustion process operate 120. Home thermostat will work has RC and RH terminals live circuit cable from the thermostat ” wire what I. Home thermostat will fall off the front cover to the relay and electric fan homeowners with moderate home improvement can... Will fall off the wire used for cooling only the red and white wire from the warm from! The yellow wires on each relay staple the cable to the thermostat HVAC... You select the proper thermostat called `` add-a-wire '' which can effectively add a 5/2 programmable in thermostat... Radiator, and tighten easily, Oil furnace, Oil furnace, or electric ) and an A/C unit:! Hvac will not have heat at each end to work correctly then it does not have heat simplest and reliable. Make a C ( black ) wire so you will need how to wire electric fan to thermostat have a and! Hook them up to the next step product from another company they needed and twisted or cut other.