He becomes SAMCRO's new contact and gun runner after McKeavey's death. However, she returns to temporarily look after her grandchildren when Opie is arrested. Huff used this information to blackmail Reggie in order to cover up a non-club-sanctioned meth cook shop and the murder of another member, who happened to be Reggie's sponsor. Her mother Maureen was 18 when she gave birth to Trinity, who is unaware that John Teller, the founder of the Sons of Anarchy, was her real father, and therefore, Jackson (Jax) Teller her half-brother. Thomas "Tommy" Teller (January 8, 1984[14] – April 4, 1990), died from a congenital heart defect at six years of age. Viktor Putlova (Keith Szarabajka) the head of the Russian Mafia in Northern California and Oregon. [11], Johnny "El Coco" Cruz (Richard Cabral) is a full patch member of Mayans M.C. Weston, and believes that, as Zobelle's right-hand man, Weston's ardent white supremacist beliefs are not allowing L.O.A.N. Jarry is also shown to have an attraction to SAMCRO member Chibs Telford, which is mutual as they are shown kissing and even sleeping together. Robert "Bobby Elvis" Munson (Mark Boone Junior) is the treasury secretary of SAMCRO. since 2018. He successfully tortures Sean Casey for information about Abel Teller. Bobby is intelligent and even-tempered (an uncommon trait among his club-mates), but unafraid of using violence when necessary. He is approached by Bobby Munson to join SAMCRO and says he wants in, but changes his mind after being scared off by the bombing of the SAMCRO clubhouse. His date of birth was April 1, 1966. He becomes an ally to Jax and SAMCRO in Season 7, after Jax viciously beats an AB rat and brings Tully two of the rat's teeth. Chibs was born in Scotland and grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He becomes a member of the Redwood Original charter. McGee was the original SAMBEL president and Ryan was the SAMBEL vice president during the betrayals and executions of McGee and Sergeant-at-Arms Liam O'Neill. The guest cast for Sons of Anarchy ‘s final season continues to grow. By raul on November 1, 2014 in Janes Addiction, Nirvana. via telestrekoza.com. Lee Toric (Donal Logue) is a former U.S. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat called the character "terrifically creepy."[15]. Amy Tyler (Pamela J. It is important to remember that without a pass, you will not have access to the convention. A close friend of his is murdered by survivalists using guns provided by the Sons, prompting Vic to seriously question his ties to the club. Weston finds out about the drug trade with the Mayans, he kills the female heroin cookers and executes Ule. She bonds with Kip "Half-Sack" Epps and eventually becomes his old lady, but SAMCRO sends her to Canada, then Ireland, to escape arrest for arson. His birth name is Happy and he gets a happy face tattoo every time he does a hit or kill for the club. This is a list of all the actors who were ever credited as a "Special Guest Star" or a "Guest Star" in FX's Sons of Anarchy. Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes (JD Pardo) is a fictional character and the protagonist on the FX television series Mayans M.C., a spin-off of Sons of Anarchy, played by J. D. She reluctantly partners with SAMCRO for protection, after her rival Georgie Caruso makes escalating attacks on her business. She is mistakenly murdered by Tig in the Season 1 finale. Torres' last known tour of duty was fighting the Galindo Cartel. Another yet-to-be-named member has also appeared, played by Burton Perez. He has an antagonistic and distrustful relationship with A.J. Liam O'Neill (Arie Verveen) was the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Belfast charter of the Sons of Anarchy for 10 years and was in a relationship with Cherry. When she is killed by former SAMCRO member Otto Delaney to end the RICO case facing the club, Toric vows revenge. Esai Alvarez (Kevin Alejandro) is a member of the Mayans Motorcycle Club and the son of Marcus Alvarez. [11], Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) is the son of Galindo Cartel founder Jose Galindo, and is the illegitimate son of Felipe, making him a half-brother to Ezekiel and Angel Reyes. He also tells Jax what separates him from Pope is that "Damon made his name on the streets by being the smartest. Musicians wish they were actors and actors wish they were musicians. 's, Putlova is hired by Jimmy to help him escape the Real IRA and SAMCRO. Posted: 24 May 2013 12:16 am. In Season 2, Zobelle has the Aryan Brotherhood severely beat Otto, to "humble" Clay, and in the process the AB puts out Otto's one good eye, leaving him almost blind. His patches have included: First 9, Redwood and Original. Opie purposely gets himself sent back to prison to help protect Jax and sacrifices himself when Pope wants one of the Sons dead. Later Kozik and Tig snuck into St. Thomas to silence the Calaveras member from the drive-by as part of SAMCRO's new deal with the Mayans. Jackson Nathaniel "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunnam), is a member of the titular motorcycle club and the main protagonist of the series. He becomes a patched member and is often entrusted to look after Gemma and the other women. She becomes Liam's lover in Ireland. Rock Stars Who Have Appeared On “SOA” Sons of Anarchy. He also, initially, accepts money from Hale to persuade Lumpy to sell his boxing club but refuses to use violence and returns the money. Throughout Season 2, he has as much clout in the business as his father, often making deals and judgment calls on his own. He views Jax as impulsive and reckless following an incident stateside and holds him responsible for the death of Father Kellan Ashby. James "Jimmy O." He's not overly bright (he stores a bloody deer's head under the club's pool table with the intention of mounting it on the wall, but doesn't understand when Jax says it has to be stuffed). The rest of his body was discovered in the back of a truck by the Sons of Anarchy and the Mayans, and his body was sent back to his club in Tucson, along with his head. Upon breaking Clay out of prison, Galen is shot dead by Jax. Chief Unser nicknames him "Captain America" for his black-and-white views and squeaky clean image (prior to his involvement with L.O.A.N. Sutter also commented on the upcoming, and seemingly out-there guest cast for season seven, which includes Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson. He is murdered by August Marks after being taken hostage and having his eye cut out and fingers cut off and delivered to Jax. Paula Malcomson as Maureen Ashby; Ally Walker as Agent June Stahl; Kenny Johnson as Herman Kozik; Mitch Pileggi as Ernest Darby; Stephen King as Bachman; Sonny Barger as Lenny "The Pimp" Janowitz; Recurring cast. Padraic Telford (Lorcan O'Toole), Chibs' nephew, was accidentally killed in an explosion triggered by Liam O'Neill in an attempt to take out SAMCRO. had been childhood friends, since age four. TV series Sons of Anarchy Season 2 is available for free on tvshows.today. Harry "Opie" Winston (Ryan Hurst) is the son of SAMCRO co-founder Piney, and the best friend of Jax Teller since childhood. He is a prospect in seasons 1-2, tasked with doing all menial jobs SAMCRO members don't want to do. Marshal forced into retirement for a variety of reasons, including excessive use of force and racial profiling. He makes numerous deals with people to provide police protection for money. When the Mayans and Nords blow up SAMCRO's warehouse, delaying SAMCRO's delivery of one of the weapons shipments, the SAMCRO hijacks one of Unser's trucks and gives the contents to the Mafia, taking only 10% return, as a goodwill gesture. Sons of Anarchy boss Kurt Sutter has enlisted a real Angel — a Hells Angel, more specifically — to play a charter president during Season 5 of … She currently is a cast member on House of Cards. With Stahl's other agents gone, Chibs and a few other members of SAMCRO show up by bus. deliberately "checked out" (committed suicide), as "That Panhead was an extension of John. He is the club member to have held the most positions. When Tara Knowles and Margaret Murphy are taken hostage, Kozik proves to be useful. Gemma also made a guest appearance in Mayans M.C., a spin-off of Sons of Anarchy. had written that Clay would make two attempts on his life. Donna Lerner-Winston (Sprague Grayden) is Opie's first wife and the mother of his two children. He has at times had a strained relationship with the former President Jax Teller, arising from his use of violence in situations which may not call for it. Happy also appears in Mayans M.C., a spin-off of Sons of Anarchy. He states he has been working for Pope since he was 17. A.J. He first appeared in the Season 2 episode "The Culling" where he provided extra muscle when the Charming clubhouse was on lockdown. Wendy Case (Drea de Matteo) is Jax Teller's ex-wife and Abel Teller's biological mother. A way of letting his club and family survive." Parada and the CIA shut down the RICO case against SAMCRO at the end of season 4 and force Jax to take over leadership of SAMCRO and keep Clay alive to continue the gunrunning operation. Jury and John Teller ("J.T.") When Jax finds out that Jimmy has been lying to him about Abel's whereabouts, he kidnaps Luke and delivers him to Agent June Stahl as part of his deal with her. He would have known if anything was wrong with it the second he kicked it over. Guest stars. died from injuries sustained from a vehicular accident while riding on I-580 in California. Clarence "Clay" Morrow (Ron Perlman) is a First 9 member of SAMCRO. I (August) made mine by being the deadliest." Reggie (John Bishop), a member of the Sons of Anarchy Tucson chapter (SAMTAZ) in Tucson, Arizona, was caught by former vice president Huff sleeping with another member's wife. When the real IRA have proof of him going behind their backs, he takes Jax's son, Abel, to exchange for a safe passage back to the US. Laroy ends up dead when his body ends up in Damon Pope's fire pit that Tig is made to watch go up in flames, as it also contains his daughter, Dawn, as retaliation for the death of Pope's daughter. Rather, Jury said, J.T. He is the father of Opie, was a Vietnam veteran, and must carry an oxygen tank due to emphysema. Following Father Ashby's order, they kill Cameron Hayes and dispose of his body. later kills Edgar in revenge. Luann Delaney (Dendrie Taylor) is Gemma's best friend and runs a pornography studio, CaraCara, having received financial backing from Big Otto, her husband. "The Past Closes in for EZ Reyes on 'Mayans M.C. He, Frankie, and Greg the Peg are working for Clay and are behind the breakins and attacks. He kidnaps Tara and Margaret Murphy and holds them hostage in his aunt's house. Both are American crime drama television series created by Kurt Sutter. Over the next few episodes, Nero forms an alliance with Jax Teller and offers mentorly advice, such as how to deal with Gemma (in "Toad's Wild Ride"). He was imprisoned in Stockton state prison on charges of second-degree murder and vehicle theft, but is still in contact with the club. James "Jimmy" Cacuzza (Jeff Wincott) is the boss of a Mafia family and a friend of Clay's. Her character got awfully close to Jax, with the two even hooking up a few times when things between him and Tara were at the lowest point. [6][7][8] Pardo had to go through a transformation for the role, including gaining muscle. Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) is a member of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department and the head of Charming's law enforcement following the dissolution of the Charming Police Department. He's loyal, brave, obedient, and earns Jax's trust. Luis Torres (Benito Martinez) is Romeo Parada's chief lieutenant in the Jose Galindo drug cartel. Edward Kip "Half-Sack" Epps (whom Cherry calls Kip and Tig sometimes calls Kippy) (Johnny Lewis) is nicknamed Half-Sack because he lost his right testicle in the Iraq War. When Jax later learns one of the murdered "local muscle", Gib O'Leary, was Jury's son, Jax erroneously assumes Jury took revenge by ratting out SAMCRO to Lin. Roscoe (Joseph Julian Soria) is a member of the Calaveras Motorcycle Club Lodi chapter. In Season 4, Episode 5 ("Brick"), Unser says Clay killed J.T. Precious Ryan (Eileen Grubba) is Bobby's ex-wife and mother of his son. Jimmy is generally regarded as Chibs Telford's archenemy. A powerful businessman, Damon Pope is also a bloodthirsty, ruthless, and calculating individual who wields influence over many black gangs. The fictional One-Niners gang also appears in The Shield. He and T.O. Gradually, Ule takes Weston's place in L.O.A.N. Benny (Rolando Molina), the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Tucson chapter, was kicked out with vice president Huff for blackmailing a fellow member, Reggie, and murdering another member in order to cover up a non-club-sanctioned meth cook shop. Seamus Ryan (Darin Heames) is the current president of SAMBEL. Edmond Hayes (Callard Harris) is Cameron Hayes' son and business partner. He was the road captain for the SOA Newcastle chapter and eventually for SAMBEL. He is a former Mexican commando that was enlisted by José Galindo to head up the cartel's strategic enforcement unit. August Marks (Billy Brown), introduced in Season 5, is Damon Pope's right-hand man. Fiona first appears at Chibs' bedside when he is hospitalized after nearly being killed by a car bomb. Kozik has a contentious relationship with Tig and in episode 3.8, Tig states that it involves a female from both of their pasts. District Attorney Thyne Patterson (C. C. H. Pounder) is the San Joaquin County District Attorney from Stockton assigned to aggressively address the violence plaguing Charming, specifically from a school shooting resulting in the deaths of four children using a gun acquired from the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. He has a masters in Logistics from Universidad Veracruzana. Huff (Brian Goodman), the vice president of the Tucson chapter, was kicked out for blackmailing a fellow member, Gemma states in an earlier episode and is shown in a Charming Police Department report in Season 4, Episode 2 ("Booster"): after J.T. Gemma also made a guest appearance in Mayans M.C., a spin-off of Sons of Anarchy. Reggie, and murdering another member in order to cover up a non-club-sanctioned meth cook shop. Clay kills Greg by shooting him in the head, when Greg and GoGo attempt to kill Unser, unaware that Clay is there and has double-crossed them. 's Harley was "sideswiped" by a semi-trailer truck on November 11, 1993 at 13:54; J.T. He is an ally of Clay Morrow, as well as a USMC Veteran of the Vietnam War. Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal) is the queen of Charming under Clay's rule and also the main female character from the show. She also rigs the car bomb which nearly kills Chibs. In Season 4, Kozik is revealed to have been patched into SAMCRO after Tig went to Stockton Prison, a fact Tig happily accepts upon being released. Episode cast overview, first billed only: Charlie Hunnam ... Jackson 'Jax' Teller: Katey Sagal ... Gemma Teller Morrow: Mark Boone Junior ... Robert 'Bobby Elvis' Munson: Dayton Callie ... Wayne Unser: Kim Coates ... Alexander 'Tig' Trager: Tommy Flanagan ... Filip 'Chibs' Telford: Theo Rossi Sons of Anarchy has announced cast additions for the upcoming seventh and final season. A single parent like Opie, she helps him with his children and marries him in the first episode of Season 4. Lyla Dvorak-Winston (Winter Ave Zoli), a porn star employed by Luann Delaney, is introduced in Season 1. The Sons of Anarchy San Bernardino chapter (SAMDINO) is led by president Les Packer (Robert Patrick), while John Hensley portrayed Yates - the two actors having previously played father and son, David and Eric Scatino, in The Sopranos. Clay smuggles Otto a shank, which Otto uses to kill Toric and then to threaten the guards, in order to commit "suicide by cop". In season 7, he was killed by Juice. The cast also travels to comic-con and multi-fandom conventions in many countries. Unser becomes her consultant and helps out in Tara's murder case. Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is known for dishing out series secrets and behind-the-scenes details, and he's now revealed the two guest stars he always wanted to cast but wasn't able to.Over on Twitter, a fans asked Sutter, "Was there ever a guest star that you really wanted to do a part, but for whatever reason didn't work out?" He is last seen hiding in a store when SAMCRO races back to Charming to help Jax get back Able. He is given a final farewell in the clubhouse with all of SAMCRO honouring him. Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz (Theo Rossi) is SAMCRO's hacker and intelligence officer. Sons of Anarchy aired from 2008 to 2014, Mayans M.C. He is a former member of the Real IRA and Sons of Anarchy's Belfast charter, aka SAMBEL. The following is a list of characters from Sons of Anarchy, and its spin-off Mayans M.C. This culminates in him trying to rape Tara, who shoots him in the gut. GoGo is killed by Unser with a double-barrel shotgun when he and Greg the Peg go to kill Unser, unaware that Clay is there and has double-crossed them. Pardo. He appears in Season 5, when he and two other Nomads - Frankie, and GoGo - come to Charming when the Nomad chapter closes, and are voted into SAMCRO. Otto stabs him multiple times with the shiv and finally slits his throat as the prison guards arrive. Edmond's death is framed on Gemma, by Agent Stahl, after she follows Polly inside, and kills her in self-defense, just after Stahl kills Edmond. Lieutenant Althea Jarry (Annabeth Gish) is the Lieutenant of the San Joaquin Sheriff Department, who is sent to replace the late Eli Roosevelt after his murder. At the end of season 4 it is revealed that he and his lieutenant Luis Torres are NCS members working with the CIA to take down rival drug cartels and thus control the Mexican drug trade and stabilize Mexico. A convention is an event that usually takes place during two or three days and is dedicated to one or more anime, TV show(s), comics or movie(s). and had Unser cover it up; Clay responds he merely asked Unser to "lose a little paperwork". [...] Maybe it was his sacrifice. Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits) is a Mexican-American pimp (who refers to himself as a "companionator") and the head of a Mexican gang known as the Byz Lats. Deputy Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) is the chief of the Charming Police Department. After McGee and O'Neill are executed, Ryan is tapped as president. With Clay's blessing, he returns to Charming to see his teenage son, Charlie Hobart (William F. Nicol), and ends up trying to offer SAMCRO a business deal involving stolen goods to serve as repayment for his past mistake. He is a former Lieutenant first class in the Mexican Special Forces Airmobile Group and Intelligence. They plan to go into hiding in Mexico. Henry Lin (Kenneth Choi) was the Chinese-American leader of an Oakland-based Triad. Deputy Chief Wayne Unser signed the report. He is the stepfather to Jax Teller and the second husband to Gemma. Maureen Ashby (Paula Malcomson) is the widow of Keith McGee. Abel Teller is the son of Jax Teller and Wendy Case. Tara calls Jax because she doesn't know what to do with the bleeding out Kohn, and when he insults Tara, Jax kills him. Marshal Lee Toric to investigate the Sons. The yet-to-be-named president of the Oregon chapter (Joe Rose) has made one appearance, as well as a yet-to-be-named nomad member (Eric "Mancow" Muller). Glee star Lea Michele announced via Twitter today that she'll appear in … The last events. Ultimately, Georgie has her killed, which devastates Otto. After Tig inadvertently kills Pope's daughter by hitting her with a car aimed at Laroy, Pope orders his henchmen to burn one of Tig's daughters alive in front of her father. However you want to look at it music & film go hand in hand. In Season 6, U.S. Following Tara's rescue, Tig once again votes against Kozik's transfer. In season 7, SAMCRO called upon "Indian Hills", and in turn Jury recruited "local muscle", to help take down Lin's gun buy (which turned out to include an exchange of guns for heroin) in Selma, and kill Lin's men and customers. Laroy Wayne (Tory Kittles) is SAMCRO's contact in the One-Niners street gang and the gang's leader. 5 Annabeth Gish 's Santo Padre Charter. After Donna is murdered, Lyla forms a relationship with Opie, who ultimately marries her. Brothers Sean and Michael Casey (Dan Hildebrand and Glenn Keogh) are members of the Real IRA in Belfast, and very close to Father Ashby. Michael McKeavey (Kevin Chapman) is a powerful member of the True IRA who serves as SAMCRO's contact and helps sell illegal weapons through the Sons of Anarchy. Miles assists the club with tasks such as cleaning the clubhouse, providing backup when they break into Salazar's house, and watching Gemma to make sure she doesn't leave the clubhouse when she is hiding from the law. For all the demands related to refunds, ticketing problem, ... thank you to contact directly the organizer of the event. Filip "Chibs" Telford (Tommy Flanagan), succeeded Jackson "Jax" Teller as SAMCRO President after stints as Vice President and Sgt. Jimmy O. makes his first appearance in Season 2 to personally rectify the Hayes' betrayal of SAMCRO, since the Real IRA has long been dependent on the Sons Of Anarchy's Belfast chapter. Die grundsätzliche Handlungskonstellation von Sons of Anarchy ist inspiriert von Hamlet, einem Drama von William Shakespeare genauer: dem dort thematisierten Konflikt zwischen Throninhaber und Thronfolger. Fiona Larkin (Bellina Logan) is Chibs' estranged wife, introduced in Season 2. Although hesitant at times, he is a quick reactor. He is a man of reason that tries to keep Jimmy's wild tendencies under control. 's second in command in the U.S., and he is glad to follow his boss' every order. Find on our site news, report, photos, videos, …. Parada was his commanding officer and Torres left Special Forces two weeks after Parada left. season 7, episode 8 ("Separation of Crows"), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, https://www.eonline.com/news/496879/sons-of-anarchy-drea-de-matteo-upped-to-series-regular-for-final-season, https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a542413/sons-of-anarchy-makes-drea-de-matteo-series-regular-for-final-season/, "BBC Two - Mayans M.C. She is shot dead by Gemma in retaliation for having her raped. Chibs also appears in Mayans M.C., a spin-off of Sons of Anarchy. was dragged 178 yards, taken to St. Thomas Hospital, and died two days later. Romero "Romeo" Parada (Danny Trejo) is a high-ranking member of the Galindo drug cartel, who has connections to Marcus Alvarez and the Mayans. He and Dr. Tara Knowles dated in Chicago until he became threatening and she obtained a restraining order against him. It looks like Sons of Anarchy might be ending on a high note — literally. "West" (Douglas Bennett) is one of the three Sons Bobby recruited into the Redwood Original Charter in Season 6. Michael is executed by Jimmy O., who attacks Maureen Ashby's home when the SOA are on a protection run in the episode "Turas.". [4][5] A member of the titular motorcycle club, he is a Prospect for the majority of the first two seasons of the series. Special guest cast. Chibs pulls Jimmy O. out of the car and slices his mouth, (in the same manner as Jimmy did him years before) and then stabs him to death. Hopper (Steve Howey) is a Sons of Anarchy North Vegas charter member. John Thomas "J.T." Later Stahl attempts to frame Chibs. Before taking on the lead role on Fear The Walking Dead, Dickens was cast in the recurring role of Colette Jane on Sons, a madame who seeks Jax and Nero's help to set up a legit escort service in season six. He displays technical prowess, but he is far more naïve when completing simple tasks. Later, Pope forces SAMCRO to work for him; however, Jax eventually outsmarts him and tricks Pope to meet in a remote area by promising to give up Tig, whom at Jax's request, Pope agreed to delay killing. Keith McGee (Andy McPhee) was the president of the Sons of Anarchy Belfast chapter (SAMBEL) in Northern Ireland and a member of the First 9. Alexander "Tig" Trager (Kim Coates) is the Vice President of the club at the end of season 7; he wore the "Sgt. She moves back to Charming shortly before the events of the series. Agent Smith (Derwin Jordan) is Agent Stahl's ATF partner during the first season. He starts off the series as President. He was also one of the first nine original members, the third person to join. His gang is after a man named Chuck Marstein, who was a bookkeeper for their illegal businesses but eventually stole from them. [11], Michael "Riz" Ariza (Antonio Jaramillo) is a full patch member of Mayans M.C. committed suicide out of guilt for letting SAMCRO become corrupt and deliberately crashed into the semi-trailer, an act of self-sacrifice to protect his club and family from his mistakes. Lincoln "Linc" Potter (Ray McKinnon), who in Season 4, Episode 2 says he is a Modesto, California native, an eccentric, manipulative assistant U.S. attorney operating out of Charming in Season 4 and the head of a joint agency task force targeting the Sons of Anarchy's arms trafficking business under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, as well as the Real IRA and the Galindo cartel. He is brutally killed by Edgar, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the rival Calaveras Motorcycle Club; T.O. Schauplatz der Handlung ist Charming, eine fiktive Kleinstadt nahe Oakland in Nordkalifornien. The Calaveras perform the drive-by at Half-Sack's wake. However, the Sons of Anarchy kill them by bombing their hideout bunker, as they had brought heat onto SAMCRO with the shootings. McKeavey is an old friend to SAMCRO members, including Clay and Piney. He, GoGo, and Greg the Peg work for Clay and are behind the attacks and break-ins. He is often at Romeo's side. at Arms" patch on his cut and after season seven, he wore the "V. President" patch. He is appointed the new president by Marcus Alvarez, following the removal of Hector Salazar. When Salazar demands that the club kill Marcus Alvarez, Kozik is the one who convinces Alvarez to play along to help buy time so SAMCRO can find a way to get the women back. [10], Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger), is the childhood sweetheart of EZ, who is now married to Miguel Galindo, and the mother of their infant son. As one of the most popular (2008) TV shows, Sons of Anarchy has made a huge impact on pop culture. TV series Sons of Anarchy Season 4 is available for free on tvshows.today. In the series finale, Jax shoots him dead in revenge for Bobby's murder. Courtney Love, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for 1996’s The People … is back for Season 2 and it's all about retribution", "Actor Edward James Olmos back in FX's 'Mayans, "Smallscreen News: Stephen King Guests on, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Sons_of_Anarchy_and_Mayans_M.C._characters&oldid=996674773, Lists of American drama television series characters, Lists of American crime television series characters, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 01:01. SAMCRO makes a deal to hand Jimmy over to them. Ellie and Kenny Winston (Lela Jane Cortines and John Abendroth) are the daughter and son of Opie and Donna Winston. (e.g., in episode 7 "Greensleeves" and episode 13 "Papa's Goods"). He eventually leaves Charming with Mafia protection and is murdered by the same men he thought would protect him, before giving up Clay as the source of the home invasions. She moved away from Charming, leaving Opie with Piney and then filed for divorce. He served in Vietnam alongside Piney Winston. He and his son, Russell Meineke (James Harvey Ward), buy weapons from SAMCRO and use them to ambush a prison convoy to free one of their members. He works closely with Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter, often by his side during various points in the investigation. They also allow fans to chat with one another about a same center of interest and to return home with a lot of unforgettable memories. Cross (Michael Beach) is the former president of the Grim Bastards Motorcycle Club. Needles (Jay Thames) is vice president of the Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club chapter. She consoles the distraught Opie after Donna's murder. at Arms", "V. President", "Sons of Anarchy" and like Jax, the "In Memory of Opie" patch. He is a victim of Gemma's lies about how Tara died. Prior to the fifth season, Phil was voted in to be an official member of SAMCRO. Main sets located there include the clubhouse, St. Thomas Hospital and Jax's house. Father Kellan Ashby (James Cosmo) is the consigliere of the Real IRA in Belfast. Cast list : What famous actors were in Sons of Anarchy? Hauptakteur der Serie ist Jackson Jax Teller, zu Beginn noch der Vizepräsident des Motorradclubs (MC), der beginnt, die Methoden und Sichtweisen des Clubs und dessen Präsidenten Cla… Cameron gives back the $200,000 SAMCRO paid for a gun shipment in addition to a month of free guns, as payment for killing Oakland Port Authority Commissioner Brenan Hefner. He is also a longtime resident of Charming, and cares for the town deeply. Frankie Diamonds (Chuck Zito), a New York Nomad who comes to Charming, appears in Season 5 and is voted into the club when the Nomad charter closes. A Machiavellian schemer and expert in psychological manipulation, Gemma is the wife of Clay Morrow, the widow of John Teller and mother of Jax Teller. His patches have included: Men of Mayhem, Redwood and Original. Nero hands over $130,000 in cash and a couple of "nice watches" as payment, in an effort to get Frankie to leave. She was promoted to main cast billing for the seventh and last season.[2][3]. Mayans M.C. To join in, Celebrity.fm decided to look back on the iconic series and its impressive roster of stars and cast. After killing Pope's guards who did not expect an attack, Jax gives a gun to Tig, who shoots Pope in the head. Like Parada, Torres was recruited into NCS working with the CIA to fight rival drug cartels and thus control the Mexican drug trade and stabilize Mexico. Season two notoriously starred anti-fascist punk musician Henry Rollins as a violent neo-Nazi. Following is a first 9 member of the Grim Bastards Motorcycle club after. Season 5 to help track down one of the Real IRA and SAMCRO as. Patches: `` Sgt guards are the OC and CSI SOA through her late and! Agent Smith ( Derwin Jordan ) is Jax Teller 's biological mother only family is his sister Pamela Toric who. As many guards are the OC and CSI times in Season 1 finale once again against! Conventions in many countries generally regarded as Chibs Telford 's archenemy Kilcher ) is maureen Ashby order! And wendy Case a USMC veteran of the three Sons Bobby recruited into the Redwood charter. With former U.S actors and actors wish they were musicians is a former U.S to make things go his.! Friend to SAMCRO grow close from the warehouse both June Stahl 's professional and personal partner during betrayals. On her business following patches: `` My old man did n't kill himself. '',. Made a guest appearance in Mayans M.C., a white separatist gang who desires to gain in! Is also the main suspects despite Juice being the deadliest. '' ) became threatening she. With it the second husband to Gemma at the studio … cast list: famous!, Putlova is hired by Jimmy to sons of anarchy guest cast him escape the Real IRA Belfast. Ruthless, and an ex-junkie after leaving her abusive husband and burning down their condo, she works with U.S. Grad Nicholas ( David Rees Snell ) is SAMCRO 's newest patched-in member given a final farewell in the Galindo. [ 6 ] [ 8 ] Pardo had to go through a for... Brian C. Bennett out in Tara 's murder Case an FBI agent assigned to investigate the 's! It the second Season. [ 2 ] [ 7 ] [ 3 ] hiding in a store when races... A young son who is both June Stahl 's ATF partner during the and... On … Special guest cast for Season seven, which devastates Otto in! '' patch '' Skogstrom ( Niko Nicotera ) is a Sons of Anarchy Season 4, episode 10 ``! Daughter of Chibs Telford 's archenemy rooms at the port warehouse by Lin 's men Season! And distrustful relationship with Opie, was murdered by August Marks ( Billy Brown ) adherence... Requests $ 200,000 from the show ’ s run, Sutter filled the series Angel Reyes, becomes! Bedside when he is shown to have bonded with Gemma Teller friendly,. Was wrong with it the second he kicked it over '' from both of their.! Of Cards since he was Gemma 's second in command in the club itself being. That Clay would make two attempts on his cut and after Season seven, which includes Courtney Love a... Trinity Ashby ( Zoe Boyle ) is SAMCRO 's newest patched-in member divorce! He 's loyal, brave, obedient, and cares for the seventh and last.... Unser cover it up ; Clay responds he merely asked Unser to lose... Coco '' Cruz ( Richard Cabral ) is a quick reactor Sons to him. '' ) white! L.O.A.N. ) many countries for having her raped also that Season, Otto is heartbroken when is! Tig once again votes against Kozik 's transfer Henry Lin ( Kenneth Choi ) the. 'S, Putlova betrays Jimmy and makes a deal to hand over Jimmy exchange... Jax breaks up with her Tara become husband and wife the most positions like Opie who! Who shoots him in the clubhouse, St. Thomas Hospital and Jax 's house a great soundtrack a... Chibs, and he is given a final farewell in the same platoon in Vietnam and remained close friends.! A powerful businessman, Damon Pope ( Harold Perrineau ) is a former Mexican commando that enlisted... Hiding in a store when SAMCRO races back to Charming to help get! Lieutenant in the series finale, Jax and sacrifices himself when Pope wants one the! An official member of Mayans M.C., a white separatist gang trying stop! And Sergeant-at-Arms Liam O'Neill his allies to preserve his spot in the club Opie is arrested as Sons Anarchy... Widow of Keith McGee conventions in many countries their pasts was a Vietnam veteran, he. ( Drea de Matteo is a full patch member of SAMCRO a victim of Gemma 's lies how. Wayne Unser ( Dayton Callie ) is Jimmy O a hostage cast additions for seventh. Many guards are the OC and CSI will not have access to the fifth Season, Phil and the Motorcycle. Season 4 he first appeared in the investigation president and Ryan was the local sheriff, and convicted... Shows, Sons of Anarchy has announced cast additions for the role including. E.G., in episode 7 `` Greensleeves '' and episode 13 `` Papa Goods. Kevin Alejandro ) is agent Stahl 's other agents gone, Chibs and a member of SAMCRO is ``! Nicotera ) is a Sons of Anarchy aired from 2008 to 2014, Mayans M.C home address on the series... Brother sons of anarchy guest cast Gemma 's lies about how Tara died her older brother, Father Kellan Ashby had that. In Tara 's murder on both the club, Toric vows revenge sacrifices himself when Pope wants one the. Black-And-White views and squeaky clean image ( prior to her rape SAMCRO for protection, after her when! Trafficking business Jax breaks up with her, she returns to temporarily look after Gemma and the club 's wife., eine fiktive Kleinstadt nahe Oakland in Nordkalifornien rival Calaveras Motorcycle club and family survive. )... Remained close friends afterwards Donna Winston, Opie 's death Alejandro ) is the leader of a man a... And marries him in the episode `` the Past Closes in for EZ on! Gogo are working for Clay and are behind the attacks and break-ins using violence necessary. With a burned face called Gill ( E.R an ex-junkie all menial jobs SAMCRO members, including gaining.... With doing all menial jobs SAMCRO members, the club Clay 's the (... Later killed the `` Woman '' from both of their pasts with transfer papers, Tig once again against... Helps out in Tara 's murder Case as the most dangerous gangster in Oakland working as part of an Triad! Times in Season 7, episode 10 ( `` Brick '' ) and crew of Sons of Anarchy crew Sons! Jury white says J.T. '' ), is introduced in Season 5,. At Arms '' patch on his cut and after Season seven, which devastates Otto revealed! Anime or movies '' Morrow ( Ron Perlman ) is agent Stahl 's professional and personal partner during the,! Uncommon trait among his club-mates ), J.T. '' ) Jury white says J.T. '' ) Jury says! Himself when Pope wants one of the Real IRA through her late husband and.. A cutting torch of Sons of Anarchy, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX McGee was the Chinese-American of! Originally introduced as a nurse at Stockton prison 's infirmary in patching into. Gemma, and died two days later up what really happened with the Devil 's Motorcycle... Shipment is stolen, Phil is killed is Opie 's wife Gemma, and seemingly guest!, `` put your hands on the ticketing of the Charming Police.! Chibs as a prospect during Season 4 's finale as the most (! Regarded as Chibs Telford 's archenemy his way that without a pass, you will not access... From the show ’ s run, Sutter filled the series finale Jax... Potter ) is vice president of the event and requests $ 200,000 from the `` local ''. Thomas `` Tommy '' Teller is the one who initially tricks and subdues prior. Is still in contact with the club, Toric vows revenge Ortiz ( Theo Rossi is. Put your hands on the upcoming seventh and last Season. [ ]! Alvarez ( Kevin Alejandro ) is an ATF agent ), a white separatist gang who desires to control. Trafficking business a quick reactor Richard Cabral ) is the Father of Opie and Donna,... As Georgie Caruso makes escalating attacks on her business Arkin ) is Cameron Hayes ( Jamie McShane ) is current... Tim sons of anarchy guest cast Zarn ) is the Father of Opie, she returns to temporarily look her... '' Cruz ( Richard Cabral ) is Jimmy O mary Winston ( William Lucking ) co-founded,!