Web Development Services

For Business Folk

Hyper-Typer Web Development provides a range of web development services to small and medium sized Irish business as well as to web design agencies, e-commerce payment gateway providers and web hosting companies.  These include:

  • Internet strategy consultation
  • Content management system deployment and customisation - Modx, Wordpress, Concrete5
  • E-commerce development - start selling online
  • Bespoke website development
  • Social media application development 

For Tech Types

Using the open standards based technologies HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript (JQuery and ExtJS), Hyper-Typer designs and builds clean, smart user interfaces which are then hooked up to powerful object orientated server-side applications built using open source favourites PHP or Python with MySQL for data storage, either built on top of established content management frameworks such as ModX, WordpressConcrete5 or Django or from scratch if required.

The Bottom Line

Hyper-Typer Web Development builds with a vigilant eye on usability, accessibility, extensibility and security for both your business and your clients/customers.

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